Club Recruiting: We want you!

Uncle Sam I Want You StampIt’s that time again: as we head toward summer, volunteer recruiting will top the agendas of most booster clubs. If your school doesn’t already have a club of its own, it’s the perfect time to start one! Rounding up officers can be a challenge, but there’ s no shortage of resources out there for fledgling clubs.

Get the word out by contacting your local newspapers, broadcasting and radio stations. A brief, straightforward announcement like this one from the Shelter Island Booster Club packs a succinct punch. For a more emotional appeal, consider a letter to the editor, or shoot for a feature story highlighting your efforts. Think about how to pitch your story to draw in your audience — are there any extracurriculars in particularly bad shape that can be highlighted?

Once you’ve put together your core team, you can set out recruiting help. For more advice, check out Boosterland’s step-by-step guide to starting a club for a little guidance, and our tips for drawing new volunteers.

Have any suggestions for beginner boosters? Share your tried-and-true tips on our Facebook page.

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