Motivated by love or fear of your booster club, you’ve committed to volunteering, organizing, and generally helping out. Got questions about how booster clubs work and how to make them work even better? We’ve pulled together our most practical posts to help you out. For the most recent posts, along with booster club philosophy and opinion pieces, check out the main blog page.

1) Booster Club Basics
2) Fundraising
3) Social Media
4) Volunteers
5) Meetings and Bylaws
6) Taxes and Finance

Old filesBooster Club Basics: What’s the difference between a chairperson and an officer? Why am I raising money for a bunch of activities when my kid only plays in one? And why can’t nonprofits use individual fundraiser accounts? No question is too small or too large. And if you’ve got a question, don’t hesitate to ask us directly:

How to Start A Booster Club
Write (or Revise) Bylaws
Nonprofits: Become a 501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Organization
There are 4.5 Types of Booster Clubs. What type is yours?
Booster Club Officer Positions, Explained
Be proactive with Stakeholder Engagement


iStock_000018788821XSmallFundraising: Need fundraising ideas? We’ve got lists of proven fundraisers (and we’re not trying to sell you stuff!), as well as sage advice on how to execute them. We’ve interviewed dozens of booster club leaders to help us compile best practices. We also keep track of philanthropy and charity across the country, to see how high-profile fundraising can inform the humble work of booster clubs.

Master list of 93 Booster Club Fundraisers, or shorter themed posts on Food Fundraisers and Sports Fundraisers
When to Kill a Fundraiser
How to Partner With Local Businesses, and Outside Businesses, and NOT to Partner With ANY Businesses
Why Women Donate
Stolen fundraisers; The Problem With Competition Between Booster Clubs


iStock_000010932209XSmallPromotion and Social Media: You know what’s easier than using social media effectively for booster clubs? Wasting tons of time on it! We’ll have a bunch of quick posts on each social media feed, show how you can communicate for your club, and avoid unnecessary hours online (on editorial calendar for January 2014).

Secretary? Communications chair? Webmaster? Who does this stuff? Check out the club organization section of Booster Club Officer Positions
Trying to find the words to communicate the value of extracurriculars for potential donors? We found a few. Check out our posts on the benefits of TheaterSports, and Music/Band


iStock_000019003739XSmallVolunteers: All booster club leaders must delegate! Need more volunteers in your booster club? Feel like you’re not using their time efficiently? We’ve got tips on how to avoid wasting valuable volunteer time, and make sure they sign up for more shifts.

6 Volunteer Recruitment Tips
How to deal with High Turnover Volunteers
20 Tasks For Volunteers, and 5 Tasks Outside of Fundraising


TeamworkMeetings and Bylaws: We’ve sat in on a lot of booster club meetings, and we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t.

Robert’s Rules of Order, a primer for booster clubs
What’s the perfect Committee Size?
Bylaws: how to write and use them effectively.


MetricsTaxes and Finance: So you’ve been elected treasurer! We’d be scared too. It’s been said that being a booster club board member is less about innovating and more about NOT screwing up. Here’s how you can avoid screwing up.

Booster Club Insurance: what is it, and do you really need it?
501(c)3 Tax-Exempt Organization (same as above)
How to Cut a Budget to the bone
What booster clubs need to know about Title IX
Organization: how to keep track of tax forms and deadlines even with High Turnover Volunteers (same as above)

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