Valentines Day Fundraisers for Booster Clubs

Flowers gratefully

Be Mine?

Before you get all excited about how to entice donors with a Valentine’s-Day-themed fundraiser, here’s a piece of advice: make your donors your Valentine. Send them love letters, chocolate, and flowers (okay, maybe just e-cards with flowers and chocolate on them.) Seriously, show them some love and shoot arrows through their hearts. Be playful. How can you do that? Here’s an example of a Valentine’s day thank you email from UNICEF Australia, which we found in a blog post by Mary Lynn Lalonde.

Subject Line: You’ve got a secret admirer.
Message: It’s us. We’re your secret admirer. Whether you celebrate Valentine’s Day or not, we wanted to let you know you make our heart skip a beat. There are many children around the world who no longer suffer and who feel safe and loved because of the work you make possible. So thank you. Have a lovely day.

Writing to only a few hundred or a few dozen donors, you can easily make an equally clever and infinitely more intimate message for you donors. For top donors and sponsors, you actually consider sending candies or flowers. Clearly, you don’t want to waste money on overhead (see if you can get a big discount or donation), but its never a bad idea to show your supporters how much you appreciate them.

Valentine’s Day Fundraisers

There’s still time to organize a Valentine’s Day Fundraiser for your booster club. Here are some ideas to get you going. If you need more, check out our big heap of general fundraising ideas.

  1. Valentine’s Day Baskets: Auction romantically-themed Valentine’s Day baskets to beaus looking to show their affection for their beloveds and their booster club.

  2. Valentine’s Day Dance: A Cupid-themed dance party is a great way to cultivate some good clean fun and affection.

  3. Underwear fun-run. Take a cue from the Cupid Undie Run, the scantily-clad 1.6k run that celebrates the cold and raises money for The Children’s Tumor Foundation.


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