New Year’s Resolution: Say Thank You All Year Long

Post-it Thank YouWhen family gathers over the holidays, childhood memories are often shared as well as more recent anecdotes from daily life.

My sister recalled an exchange with an older kid from the neighborhood where she had reminded the person to say “please”, to which she received a response of, “PLEASE is for inside, GIMME is for outside.”

Decades later she still remembers it clearly.  And fondly!? Her 6 or 7 year old self had felt flattered that the big kid was taking her under his wing to show her the ropes.

Yet, I don’t recall her having ever really adopted the “rule” herself.

In fact, I often observe her acknowledging, complimenting, and thanking little ones for performing commonly expected behaviors that usually go unnoticed.

Positive reinforcement.

This isn’t just for kids. Adults appreciate compliments and gratitude too. Even something as simple as, “Thank you for being here” or “Thank you for doing what you do.”

These things can stick with people. For a long time.

Even though you may be a volunteer yourself, and no one thinks to thank you, thank the other volunteers. It’ll make them more likely to continue to support your cause, and it’ll make you feel better too!

Why not make a new rule?

2014 Resolution: “Say thank you all year long.”

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