30 Things to Tweet your Booster Club

Megaphone with tweets on blackboardYou understand Twitter, you want to make it a part of your booster club’s social media strategy, but you’re hitting some writers block? Don’t dismay, we’ve got a huge list of things to post.

  1. Photos of your participants doing things
  2. Rainouts
  3. Photos of sponsors and/or their business
  4. Playoff schedule
  5. Arch rival updates
  6. Articles about your club in the local paper or segments on local television
  7. Photos of volunteers doing things
  8. Updates on alumni (Did they get a music scholarship? Are they playing Varsity at a D1 school? Going pro and touring the world?)
  9. Tickets on sale; tickets low; ticket sold out
  10. Tryouts announcements
  11. Link to participant videos (These kinds of videos).
  12. Kids make “all league”
  13. Schedule changes (remember to post these on all of your official media channels)
  14. Participants named “student-athlete of the month”
  15. Which colors to wear
  16. Spirit day
  17. News for feeder teams (such as the local middle schools and city youth leagues)
  18. Rule changes
  19. Scholarship opportunities
  20. Game commentary: score updates for those off the field, statistics for those in attendance (e.g. “Sarah just scored her 10th goal of the season #awesome #SFbulldogsgameday)
  21. Last-minute club needs: volunteers, extra tables, fundraising requests.
  22. Sponsor shout-outs (make them brief and infrequent… but do them!)
  23. Live updates from booster club meetings
  24. Fundraiser announcements, especially those aimed at the public
  25. Participant congratulations: personal bests, team records, college acceptances, and award announcements .
  26. Original and inside jokes
  27. Local news, especially if it’s relevant to your district or your activity
  28. Inspirational quotes
  29. Really awesome links that are relevant to your club’s activities
  30. Meeting/event reminders

Like our list of 93 Fundraising Ideas, it’s just a start. Got a novel Tweet you’d like to share? Post it in the comments or tweet it again @boostertweet. Like this post? Don’t forget to share it with your booster club and subscribe for useful tips every week.


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