Passive Fundraising With Scrip: 4 tips for setting campaign goals

Sketching a PlanThough electronic scrip fundraising is more passive than selling traditional scrip, some initial legwork is required to get your fundraising campaign off the ground. To ensure your club’s scrip efforts start strong and maintain their momentum into the future, it is important to have attainable goals and a clear plan for achieving them.

First, set your target. You want to be sure you have realistic expectations of how your scrip donations will contribute to upcoming projects. If you are confident that in one year your scrip campaign will raise a third of the funds needed to buy the marching band new uniforms, your volunteers can spend that year actively raising funds to supplement your scrip donations.

4 tips for setting scrip campaign goals:

1. List your club’s needs. Instead of choosing a fundraising goal or target number, list the projects your club would like to fund, and make a wish list of specific gifts you’d like to donate with your scrip funds. Laying out tangible goals will give your volunteers a more concrete reward to work toward.

2. Estimate incoming donations. If you’re using an electronic scrip program like eScrip that pays out donations monthly, you can total the cost of your club’s wish list projects and determine how much money you’d need to raise each month to meet your goals. With a monthly minimum in front of you, your club can evaluate how much effort would be required of your volunteers.

3. Consider the context. As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, booster clubs implementing scrip fundraising campaigns should also consider the context of their efforts. If only a few local businesses participate, a club might have to do more active outreach to make their scrip program meet their needs. Is the goal attainable, given your club’s current resources?

4. Evaluate your resources. To understand fully what kind of time you’ll need to put into reaching your goal, evaluate the resources you have on-hand. Do you have any gaps in your team to fill? For instance, is there someone in your club who can coordinate social media or outreach effectively? Will your club treasurer be able to handle this additional fundraiser? If you see that your club is unprepared to take on such a large project, scale down your goal until you feel sure you have the resources to move forward.

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