11 Life Lessons of Theater

If “All the world's a stage, / And all the men and women merely players,” then there’s no better place to prepare for life than in the theater. I made this list of 11 theater lessons as a reminder of how much performance art can help the development of our young people. This post, like my 31 Life Lessons of Sports post, is designed to help booster club leaders articulate the value of extracurriculars. Sometimes we forget why we toil to support programs. Even when we do, it’s hard to articulate … [Read more...]

5 Tips for Booster Club Continuity, From My Mom

Booster clubs host the same events year after year: awards ceremonies, car washes, and even crab feeds—if you’re in California. These booster club events are not unlike family holidays. My mother hosts Easter. While each Easter is a lot like the last, some things change: how many people come, how much food is required, and what side dishes need to be assigned. My mother has mastered this change by maintaining records. She can tell you, for each of the last 35 years, how many people attended, … [Read more...]

93 Fundraising Ideas for Booster Clubs

I put this list together to help get you started brainstorming the next perfect fundraiser for your booster club. Where indicated, the examples link to templates and checklists from actual booster clubs. These useful links can help you plan your own fundraisers. Most fundraisers listed here have actually been done, either by clubs I've interviewed, Boosterland contributors, or booster clubs in the news. Stay tuned for smaller thematic posts or “top tens” like sports fundraisers, and food … [Read more...]