Passive Fundraising With Scrip: Getting the most from your campaign

In deciding how your club can make the most of scrip fundraising, it is important to consider the context of your campaign. Regardless of how actively you fundraise, with electronic scrip programs, you can only do so much to encourage supporters to shop. Before your club begins fundraising with scrip, you can ask yourself a few questions that will help you make the most of your campaign:

Grocer in Produce AreaWill local businesses support your club’s campaign?

Make a list of participating merchants in your area, and try to anticipate how much they might contribute through scrip sales. In evaluating donation potential, consider the business’ customers, and on what scale and schedule they purchase. For example:

  • High-traffic stores with repeat customers, such as groceries, will likely keep your average donation coming in at a steady rate.

  • Purchases like airline tickets and other high-cost items may not come in every month, but make for substantial donations when they do occur.

  • Restaurants, supper clubs, bars, and family businesses like bowling alleys present opportunities to host fun fundraising events for your booster club, which could strengthen your club’s relationship with these businesses and increase their scrip donations.

Should volunteers sign up shoppers or enroll businesses?

If you find your town only hosts a few participating retailers, your club will need to decide where to focus their efforts: on registering as many shoppers as possible, or on encouraging local businesses to participate. If your town is home to only a few participating retailers but they are high-traffic businesses, it makes sense to devote time to signing up shoppers. If the local grocery store is enrolled in an electronic scrip program, odds are good your potential supporters already shop there, and you only need to get them signed up to start bringing in donations. However, if a number of profitable but less frequently busy merchants participate, your club’s time would be better served contacting local retailers and encouraging them to sign up.

When should your club begin your campaign?

While some time and effort is involved in planning registration events, if you’ve decided to participate in an electronic scrip campaign, don’t forget that you can’t enroll too early. As a passive fundraiser, your electronic scrip campaign can run in the background while your club organizes, plans, and executes your campaign.

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