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4.5 Types of Booster Clubs

When it comes to booster clubs, size matters. I don’t mean the amount of people it serves, or volunteers it has, but rather the size and type of “turf” that it covers. Is the booster club responsible for an entire district? An entire school? The answer tells me right away many of its strengths and challenges. That's because booster clubs usually find themselves covering one of the following 4.5 scopes of turf. (Yes, there is one that’s only half different than the other 4.)  And there are a few … [Read more...]

Everything Booster Clubs Need to Know About the Fiscal Year

What is a fiscal year, in a nutshell? A fiscal year defines the start and end dates for an organization’s accounting. Annual and quarterly reports to donors, as well as tax filings, all flow from the fiscal year. So do budgeting and revenue goals. While the majority of U.S. companies’ fiscal year perfectly overlaps the calendar year (Jan. 1st to Dec. 31st), deviating from those dates is more common than you’d think. For example, check out the fiscal years for these organizations: Feb. 1st … [Read more...]


Motivated by love or fear of your booster club, you’ve committed to volunteering, organizing, and generally helping out. Got questions about how booster clubs work and how to make them work even better? We’ve pulled together our most practical posts to help you out. For the most recent posts, along with booster club philosophy and opinion pieces, check out the main blog page. 1) Booster Club Basics 2) Fundraising 3) Social Media 4) Volunteers 5) Meetings and Bylaws 6) Taxes and … [Read more...]